Ammano's book and Plants Wanted

I finally ordered Ammano's book (the TFH version) and was *very* impressed.
Actually, it was almost depressing to then go and look at my tank, which up
I had thought was starting to look pretty good. It did inspire me to do some
trimming and rearranging, start up the ol' CO2 again, and finish upgrading
the lighting. I find the advertising in the book a little disconcerting, but
hey, if it helps keep the price of the book down, I'm all for it. If I were
buying it as a coffee table book, I might mind, but in that case I would
probably go ahead and spring for the Japanese version.

I am in the process of setting up a 55 that is going to have to be a fairly
low-light tank, but I do want it to be planted. So, if anyone out there has
an over abundance of Java fern and/or Anubias, I am willing to pay a fair
price plus shipping. Also, I would like to get a hold of some Malaysian
burrowing snails.

Susan Schroeder in Kansas where it can't decide if it should be Winter
    or Spring. Today it is in the 70s. Tomorrow it will be in the 20s.

schroedr at tyrell_net