re: Aquascaping techniques--scissors

> If I could get a pair of long scissors like that, I would, but I  have
> found another way of cutting things down low that in a way is  even more
> precise.  I take a pair of small sharp scissors, and  open the blades
> just a bit at the tip.  Then I hold the scissors  at the point where the
> tips meet rather than by the handle.  This  gives me the ability to
> follow a single leaf down from the surface  to the base with my fingers,
> slip the open tip of the scissors  over the base of the stem and close
> them all with one hand.

I've been using a pair of bird toenail clippers, the kind with no sharp
tips and a kind of circular blade. It allows me to partially close the
blade higher up on a stem and then run the scissors down to the base before

These scissors are short by design but I feel a little more secure using
them because there is no chance that the curious fish will run into sharp
points or that the blade cuts anything other than what it's wrapped around.

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