Ammano Book

Subject: Plant Books and Amano's Tanks

>  Karen wrote:
> >Thanks to a good friend, I have a copy of the second book.  The
> >photos, if anything, are even more beautiful, but the text is v
> >similar to the first.  There are short descriptions of each tan
> >but not much about his techniques.
>  Sorry if this question was asked 1000 times before :). Which Am
> everybody refering to as "volume 1"? I only know of the TFH edit
> doesn't mention anything about volume 1 or 2. I also remember re
> post a while ago about some calendars and implying that there wo
> different volume 1 than the TFH one. If so, where can I get it f
> it in any way different than the TFH edition ?

They aren't really volume 1 & 2... they are two separate books.  
The second one is not available in a strictly English edition yet, 
although I've been told that he has finally worked it out with 
TFH, and they will be publishing the second book too.  

The second book is also titled "Nature Aquarium World" which makes 
it a little confusing.  The Japanese edition has the text both in 
Japanese and English.  My friend imported a few volumes directly 
from Amano's company.  I believe that Neil Frank also mentioned 
that he could get them for people, but they are quite expensive.  
I suspect if you wait for the TFH version, it will be much less 
expensive, at least based on the price of the first.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA