re: Amano (ADA) books and etc.


>> Sorry if this question was asked 1000 times before :). Which Amano book is
>> everybody refering to as "volume 1"? I only know of the TFH edition, which
>> doesn't mention anything about volume 1 or 2. I also remember reading a
>> post a while ago about some calendars and implying that there would be a
>> different volume 1 than the TFH one. If so, where can I get it from and is
>> it in any way different than the TFH edition ?

Volume 1 is the one TFH published.  They are also going to be publishing volume
2 but I have no idea of the release date.  There is already a volume 3, but as
far as I know is strictly in Japanese and available only in Japan.  The volume
2 we are referring to has some English translations, but is also not available
here in the States yet.  ADA does have a calendar, and it is a nice one.  I
have the desk top one.  It is a series of pages in a CD like clear plastic
case.  You can keep one month visible on the front and one on the back.  They
also publish a very nice magazine, although only small parts of it are in
English, and the plants are all listed in Latin.  Finally they have a complete
line of equipment for aquatic plants.  Their own lights/ballast, CO2 injection
systems, substrata heating system and so on.  At the moment none of this is
available in the US, but hopefully that will change soon.  They should have
their Web site up and running this month and are working on a mail order
distributor for their equipment.  Oh yeah, hopefully not in volume 2 as that is
the deal, but yes there was a big difference between the Japanese and US volume
1.  The Japanese did not have to put up with THF editorial comments and
advertisement. <g>