Re: Plant Books and Amano's Tanks

 Subject: Aquatic Plants Books

 Karen wrote:

>Thanks to a good friend, I have a copy of the second book.  The 
>photos, if anything, are even more beautiful, but the text is very 
>similar to the first.  There are short descriptions of each tank, 
>but not much about his techniques.

 Sorry if this question was asked 1000 times before :). Which Amano book is
everybody refering to as "volume 1"? I only know of the TFH edition, which 
doesn't mention anything about volume 1 or 2. I also remember reading a
post a while ago about some calendars and implying that there would be a
different volume 1 than the TFH one. If so, where can I get it from and is
it in any way different than the TFH edition ?


 Didi Soichin
 nitro at oeonline_com
 Westland, MI, USA