FW Baensch

There are actually 4 FW volumes; I had never seen Vol III until the other 
day (!) and my understanding is that Vol IV hasn't been translated yet.

There are two marine volumes available in English.


Karen posted: 
> > >By far the best single source for identfying aquarium plants a
> > >the moment is the Baensch Atlas, vol. I & II.  They double as
> > >excellent fish atlases as well.
> > >
> > Karen -- Did you know that there is now a Baensch Atlas, vol.III
> > soon it'll be a whole encyclopedia! They are expensive but they 
> > presents for those into aquariums. Think I'll ask for III for my
> There's more than three, I believe there are at least 5.  But the 
> English translations are slow to come.  Also, I believe that 
> volumes 3 and 4 are on marine species.  Is there are 3rd FW volume 
> available in English yet?  BTW, for the scope of the books, I 
> don't think they're expensive... they're no "coffee table" 
> books!<g>