Aqualog book series

Although this is not directly associated with aquatic plants, I felt
it was worth noting.

There is a new series of books being published from Germany.

Called the Aqualog Reference, Fish of the World

Initially 25 illustrated guides are planned featuring individual groups from 
different continents such as the first book "Loricararidae-All the L-numbers.
The second and third books "South American Cichlids #1 and #2, and the
fourth book "All Corydoras" ....etc.

I invested in the first two and I found them well worth the price.
They are $35.00 plus shipping and are available through two sources here
in the upper midwest:

       Superior Tropicals
       6095 Claude Way East
       Inver Grove Heights, Mn.  55076

       Mike Evans
       800 S. 10th St.
       Northwood, Ia. 50459

If you are interested contact them for more information.

Again, these may not be directly associated with our passion for plants,
but a fish or two in my aquarium is ok I guess.

Karl R. Schoeler