SFAS auction

Here are the results of the plants I entered.  Most of them were from
Neil Frank who did OK.  Enough to buy some Dupla tabs.  Where
multiple prices are shown, there were multiple "portions" entered:

Bolbitis hudelotii                       9.50,13,18
Echinodorus ten. parvulus                7.50
Echinodorus ten. tenellus                6
Echinodurus bleheri                     29  (this was a big one)
Hygrophila polysperma                    8
Hygrophila polysperma v. Sunset          3.50
Hygrophila sp. (giant)                  10.50
Limnobium larvigatum                     4.50,6,6.50
Ludwigia mullertii                       4,4
Micranth.micranthemoides                  .50  (condition was poor)
Microsorum pteroptus (narrow)            5.50
Microsorum pteroptus (wide)             14
Nitella sp. alga Stonewart               2.50
Nuphar japonica rubrotinctum            10
Nuphar subintegerrimum                   7
Rotala wallichii                         2.50
Thiara tuberculata                       1.50,1  
Valisneria sp. (Italian)                 8.50
Vesicularia dubyana                      2.50

Looking forward to your submission next month!   Think about pruning!

Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com