Bolbitus heteroclita (water fern)

Hi all,

I've come across a plant for which I can't find any reference in my
books. In the plant index compiled by Neil Frank and George Booth I 
saw that a  description for Bolbitus heteroclita is in following books:
-Aquarium Atlas, Baench Volume 2
-Aquarium Plants, Windelov's Tropica catalogue
-Picture Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants, Yamada

If anybody on this list have any of the above books at home I'd 
appreciate if they'd drop me a few lines about the requirements and 
cultivation of this interesting plant.

I would also like to know if  Malaysian sword and Java fern are the
same plant. The plant I saw came from Singapore and was likely 
cultivated in nursery(shape is a bit different than aquarium grown..)

Franc Gorenc                     franc at golden_net
Kitchener, Ontario            http://www.golden.net/~franc