Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #293

        Recently Dick Mour inquired about growing Java Fern in a 20h tank
using a 15w light.  For many years I have been growing plants in several
different tanks and experimenting in order to see the results.  One tank is
exactly what you describe.  It has a large growth of Java Fern, some
Riccia, Java Moss and a Sword plant.  The growth of the Java Fern is very
thick although the individual leaves are small.  The Java Moss now covers
the piece of drift wood.  The Sword plant has 15 to 20 slender leaves about
8 to 9 inches long.  The tank has a bare bottom and is home to 4 young
discus.  The growth in this tank is slow compared to my other aquariums but
it is algae free and nice to look at.

I've only been on this list for a few weeks but I have been impressed with
the knowledge of the people who contribute.

Joe Hildreth