Re: Shrimp

> snip...
>   The 1 1/2 to 2 inch
>   shrimp were labeled "Singapore Shrimp," are tan with
>   dark markings on the body area just behind the eyes (I
>   think it is caused by  organs) and on the 2 pairs of
>   legs held directly under the head.  There are  no claws,
>   just the 2 sets of specialized legs.  The ends of these
>   legs are  dark (same color as the body spot) and are
>   moved over the area where they  feed  [....snip......]
>   Neil, do these guys sound like yours?  What water
>   parameters do you have?   Has anyone ever heard of
>   Singapore shrimp?  The bad mood guy told me to  look up
>   the scientific name in an encyclopedia - yeah, right.

The shrimp you have described are exactly like the the shrimp I
purchased a few weeks ago.  They have the dual pair of feathered-filter
arms.  When I purchased them they went by th ename of wood shrimp.  I
would appreciate any info that you get on them.  They are quite cool.