Nitrates in water

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I recently sent this letter to Aquatic Plants for publication, but I did not
it appear on any issue.
Since I guess it might be of general interest, I try to send it again.  

> From: BreedOFish at aol_com
>       I recently tested my local water supply for nitrates (after having
>  nitrate problems) and found that it contained at least 10ppm nitrates.
>   Trying to lower nitrates below 10ppm is therefore illogical, right?

If I were you I would contact your water company (or the municipal public
health department if you have your own well) and find out what other
unwanted chemicals you may have in your water, for your and your fish sake!
As far as I know, nitrates may come also from fertilizers contamination,
which for example may be (but not necessarily are) associated with pesticide
contamination! The current EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)  limits for
nitrates are 10 mg/l (verify with more competent personnel than me, anyway),
and above them the water should be considererd unsafe for human use. 
Babies (human, I mean) may be particularly sensitive to nitrates, which 
interfere with the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxigen.

Dionigi Maladorno