Shrimp in Atlanta!

On a whim I stopped at the local Pet's Smart store.  I could not believe 
that they have freshwater shrimp that look just like Chinese drawings I have 
of Koi and shrimp.  With all the talk we've done on freshwater Oriental 
shrimp, I never made the connection with a 1984 print I have by Lucy Liu. 
 The 1 1/2 to 2 inch shrimp were labeled "Singapore Shrimp," are tan with 
dark markings on the body area just behind the eyes (I think it is caused by 
organs) and on the 2 pairs of legs held directly under the head.  There are 
no claws, just the 2 sets of specialized legs.  The ends of these legs are 
dark (same color as the body spot) and are moved over the area where they 
feed.  I couldn't see them closely enough in the tank to tell if there are 
feathery ends, but after getting them home, I think that's the way they 
look.  At the store, they crawled over a large rock or around the gravel, 
waving the special arms slightly in front and underneath their heads.  They 
never stopped moving.  When the guy tried to catch them, they bounced in the 
tank when the net approached.  That guy was in a BAD mood by the time he 
finished.   After two hours at home, they are not yet feeding in the 
isolation tank but they need to settle in.

I set up a 3 gal tank with water from my main algae infested tank.  Plucked 
some plant parts that were covered in algae and pined them underneath a tank 
decoration that has dried algae stains.  I also added some duck weed 
(couldn't help but do that) and placed the tank near a window.  It will get 
about 3 hours of direct sun - I hope for an algae bloom.

Neil, do these guys sound like yours?  What water parameters do you have? 
 Has anyone ever heard of Singapore shrimp?  The bad mood guy told me to 
look up the scientific name in an encyclopedia - yeah, right.
Rochelle Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil