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>Ok to the recipe   (for your trace element mix)
>For 500ml of 10,000 times stock you need
>5g FeCl2
>0.5g MnSO4.4H20
>0.5g ZnSO4.4H20
>a trace of Na2MoO4.2H2O
>and 7.4g of Na2EDTA (I add it as a .5M stock at pH8) EDTA does not like 
>to dissolve in acidic media and that it is why I make a concentrate.
>The actual dose rate depends on the iron content of your tank, and should 
>always be used in conjunction with an iron test kit. (which incidently is 
>only Potassium thiocyanate and sulphuric acid). At 10,000 dilution this 
>gives a concentration of .5ppm.

Wow, I didn't know that an iron test kit was so simple.  I don't suppose
you have a recipe for that too.  And maybe some ideas on how to calibrate
it.  The iron test kits in the stores (the ones I've found anyway) were
very expensive.  Of course if a DIY iron test kit is difficult to make, I
guess it would be worth the $  :->

Cindy in Lake Effect Snowy South Bend, Indiana