Subject: Books
> I've purchased a couple (4) of Caridina japonica from a local pe
> Culver City, CA.  They were marketed as "Japanese Reds".  So far
> seem to be eating any algae or doing much of anything.  As far a
> they don't work very well.  
> Does anyone know how much of a bioload invertebrates contribute 
> What kind of waste products?  How much?  How many can you have i
> 50 gal tank?
> In addition, I've searched a couple of archives for this informa
> anyone recommend good plant books?  I've got the small ones (Jam
> and the Optimum Aquarium book), but I'm looking for books with a
> comprehensive photo collection and information.

By far the best single source for identfying aquarium plants at 
the moment is the Baensch Atlas, vol. I & II.  They double as 
excellent fish atlases as well. 

The Rataj book has lots of pictures, but is woefully out of date. 
 For small books with lots of ID pictures but little text (at 
least on specific plants) Both the Dennerle book and the Oriental 
Aquarium catalog are worthy additions to any collection.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA