Message Preparation

     Hi, Friends;
     Whenever I see a digest that is 25K in size and think "Oh Boy, lots of 
     interesting discussions here" it invariably turns out that someone has 
     used the "REPLY" function in their mailer and accidentally copied a 
     whole digest into their message.   The last one I received was a 
     classic "digest within a digest within a digest".
     I suggest that everyone re-read their postings from beginning to end 
     before mailing, and delete everything not essential. We all forget 
     sometimes that the document is usually bigger than the screen; let's 
     all treat E-Mail as though we were sending a piece of paper with a 
     whole message on it to someone who was going to form an impression 
     about us based on only that. Actually, this is close to true.
     Bob_Hoesch at fws_gov
     in Ashland, OR, where the snow doesn't stay on the ground long.