driftwood, bogwood, etc...?

     >From: "Christopher L. Weeks"      
     >c576653 at cclabs_missouri.edu Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 
     >Subject: driftwood, bogwood, etc...?
     >Is there a DIY alternative to buying wood for aquariums?  
     I know this is not an option available to everyone, but....... I 
     pulled out of the woods a nice piece of manzanita (a very hard wood 
     with twisty, dark branches), cleaned it with a stiff brush and tossed 
     into a mountain stream underneath a small waterfall.  Fished it out 
     after about 3 months, scrubbed it with dilute bleach, rinsed and let 
     dry.  Then into the tank.  It needed to be weighted down for a week or 
     so. Has been in my tank for the last 2 years, with fish and loads of 
     dense plants.  Looks real nice, and provides cozy homes for the 
     catfish I never see :-)
     I'd really like to find something like a small stump, with some fat 
     roots.  Something like the way a mangrove looks.  Haven't found 
     anything like that in the woods.  This is what I imagine is "bog 
     wood":  stumps of trees that have been partially inundated and 
     eventually died.  
     Bob_Hoesch at fws_gov
     in Ashland, OR