CO2 setup

I have what seems to be the almost final version of my CO2 setup, 
minus only a Sandpoint controller which will come soon. I got a 20lb 
CO2 bottle and am running the gas into the bottom of a home made 
reactor. It consists of a plastic cylindar closed at both ends. 
there is a water fitting at each end on opposite sides and a CO2 
fittinf at the bottom opposite the water fitting. Water is drawn 
into the bottom by the intake of an Eheim cannister. It enters the 
top via a sponge filter to exclude debis. The gas enter the bottom 
and bubbles up through marbles against the flow of water. It seems 
to be very efficent. The plants(and six juvenile discus) are doing 
great. There will be photos soon on the aquarium page of my website. 
I'll try to include one of the reactor also.

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