Orchids are plants that are typically epiphytic (this means that they like 
to grow on other plants (like trees) or on rock).  There are a few 
terrestrial orchids but most of these have either miniscule flowers or ar 
really big plants.  Orchids do like relatively high humidity, but they also 
love high light, low fertilizer, cool temperatures, and they also ABSOLUTLEY 
have to have perfect drainage.  So i would think that if you were looking 
for something to plant in the "swamp tank" this would not be it!!! One thing 
that would be interesting might be some of the very interesting bog plants 
like the carnivorous plants (like pitcher plants, sundews, venus flytraps) 
or lobelias.  Another interesting idea would be to grow a bonsai of a river 
bottom tree (like a willow or birch (or a group of these trees).  They would 
only get as larger as you wanted them too...but maybe i am getting a little 
crazed in my ambitions :)

Of course if you are set to do orchids you would probaly want to try the 
epiphytic types (ask at a orchid nursery) and attach them to rock or a piece 
of wood in the tank. This would probably work...but don't expect flowers all 
of the time...even under the best of conditions some orchids flower once a 
year or every two years.  Patience is the key here :)  Of course...may 
adding a little extra CO2 to the orchids...........hehehehe


    John Davis (marooned in aggieland)
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