Yamato-Numaebi shrimps in Europe (UK)

As it seems that many of you out there are interested on the shrimp
subject, I supposed you would like to read the following quote from the
march issue of the British magazine Practical Fishkeeping:

(Creative Aquariums, who organised the first supplies of Yamato-Numaebi
algae munching shrimps -as pictured and reviewed in December 1995's
Practical Fishkeeping- have found them selling out rapidly in the shops
originally supplied.(

A list of the shops stocking Yamato-Numaebi shrimps follows this short

Sadly it is absolutely impossible to find these shrimps in Spain and I
will have to wait until my next travel to the UK to get some of them for
my tanks.

Enrique F. Larreta, from Madrid, Spain, where the surrounding mountains
are totally covered with snow and the weather, although a little bit
cold, is sunny.

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