MH vs. T-8's

 Subject: MH and Fluorescent efficiencies

> Ok, Karen, I guess I'll concede :-) that VHO FL is more efficien
> than MH in converting electricity to light energy. 

I think you're conceding the wrong thing.<g>  I'm not sure that 
VHO's _are_ more efficient than MH's.  I was talking about 

> I'd suggest
> folks who are interested in MH to shop around locally. I would
> imagine most big cities must have surplus outlets and liquidator
> for this kind of stuff and for those interested in building thei
> own kits and capable of wiring it together, I'm sure you could
> save a few bucks. 

That is definitely true.  I have a MH that I purchased (with bulb) 
for $75.  There are certainly a number of valid reasons why 
someone might choose to use MH lighting, and it _can_ be done 

> MH needn't be the most expensive item in your aquarium.

IMO, lighting, no matter what kind, tends to be the most expensive 
part of setting up (and running) planted tanks!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA