re: Taking pictures.

>  From: Ghazanfar K Ghori <ghori at netcom_com>
>  Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 09:41:50 -0500 (EST)
>  Subject: Taking pictures.
>      How do you take pictures of your tank? I have a regular camera
>      and the few times Ive tried it the flash reflects off the tank
>      and I get a werid flashy tank picture instead of a good
>      planted tank one. I aint no good at taking pictures.
>      How?

There are two ways to take pictures of your tank.

1.  Remotely mount your flash in a place that it won't bounce back off of the
tank at the camera lens.  This can usually be done by mounting it above the
camera where the reflection angle from the flash off of the tank doesn't hit
the camera.  If you have the equipment, you can use this technique and multiple
simultaneous flashes mounted in different places to get your best pictures.

2.  Take your pictures where the camera is never perpendicular  to any of the
tank surfaces.  The camera can be directly in front of the tank, but just above
it, just to the side of it, just below, etc.  Your pictures will appear
slightly angled because they are.  This is the method I use and is good for
point-and-click type cameras.  The more angled your picture is (off to the side
or top), the less secondary reflection (from objects in the room) you will

David W. Webb in wet, cooling off Plano, TX.