>   Snip....
>   > > 3.  Does anyone know where in the U.S. I can get the
>   Japanese shrimp, 
>   > > Caridina japonica?  Many European and Asian list
>   subscribers have access to 
>   > > these and find they are very good algae eaters.
>   > 
>   > Hey, you many subscribers from Asia and Europe!  Is
>   that true?  Yes yes,
>   > I know what Amano says about them, but I also know
>   what Neil Frank says
>   > about them and although Neil hasn't yet written such
>   impressive picture
>   > books, I think I'll believe him.  (Yo, Neil!  Any of
>   them still alive?)
>   If I am not mistaken Neil Frank was in Japan a year ago
>   and brought  back with him a few freshwater
>   shrimps(Caridina Japonica). I would like to hear (how
>   about it Neil!!) what are his experiences what are  his
>   experiences with this animal. It seems to me that Liisa
>   is saying that they are not all that good!!? I'd also
>   like to hear if anybody  has had some experience with
>   Bee shrimps. Sorry, don't know their  Latin name.
>   > Well, if anybody knows where I could get those shrimps
>   in Finland, Sweden
>   > or Estonia, I would try them asap.

I am also a big fan of Shrimp.  I read Amano's book and would love to
get my hands on some shripm he refers to in the book.

I recently purchased some shrimp at a local store.  The shrimp were
called 'Wood Shrimp'  I am not familiar with the scientific name, but
the shrimp are quite remarkable and hopefully someone will be able help
with an identification.  The shrimp are small, about 2 to 3 inches long.
They have two sets of 'arms' that they apparently use to filter the
water for algae. In fact each arm open up into a set of four feathered
fans that filter the water.

If anyone knows the name of the shrimp and has other info on them I
would greatly apprecite it.

buddy wiese
Ann Arbor, MI