Re: Shrimp info....Neil?

> From: Liisa Sarakontu <lsarakon at hila_hut.fi>
> Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 18:34:53 +0200 (EET)
> Subject: Re: Algae Plague Questions - Algae Eaters


> > 3.  Does anyone know where in the U.S. I can get the Japanese shrimp, 
> > Caridina japonica?  Many European and Asian list subscribers have access to 
> > these and find they are very good algae eaters.
> Hey, you many subscribers from Asia and Europe!  Is that true?  Yes yes,
> I know what Amano says about them, but I also know what Neil Frank says
> about them and although Neil hasn't yet written such impressive picture
> books, I think I'll believe him.  (Yo, Neil!  Any of them still alive?)

If I am not mistaken Neil Frank was in Japan a year ago and brought 
back with him a few freshwater shrimps(Caridina Japonica). I would
like to hear (how about it Neil!!) what are his experiences what are 
his experiences with this animal. It seems to me that Liisa is saying
that they are not all that good!!? I'd also like to hear if anybody 
has had some experience with Bee shrimps. Sorry, don't know their 
Latin name.

> Well, if anybody knows where I could get those shrimps in Finland, Sweden
> or Estonia, I would try them asap.
Me too, but I live in Canada!!

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