Re: Vitalite useable life?

>Someone just told me about a post they read awhile back about these lights.
> I don't think the post was here.  Anyway, I guess the post said that a vet
>told someone that Viatlights lose their full spectrum capacity after 30 days.
> I guess a study was done on these and that's what they found.  If this is
>true, I wonder how many other lights lose their capabilities in a short time?
> This is something that now has me deeply concerned!  Jeff

Was the vet also selling Vitalites on the side? ;-)

I can think of two responses to your question:

1. Check your sources and see whether they're believable. It's highly
unlikely that a lamp would lose its spectral output after only 30 days. (A
lot of info is missing here, e.g., 30 days on continuously?, 30 days of
10-hour on periods alternating with 14-hour off periods?)

Perhaps you're thinking of the burn-in period for fluorescent lights when
they burn brighter than their rated "design" or "mean" lumens. Fluorescent
lamps are rated on their "initial" lumens, which is the output in about the
first 100-hours of operation, and on their design or mean lumens, which is
what you can expect for about 1-1/2 to 2 years afterward.

2. If your plants are doing well, why worry? (This response comes under the
tired-of-too-much-information category.)

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