Subject: 65 gal tank just begging to be used
> So now, I have a 65 gallon tank that is just begging to be re-us
> a very limited budget. Looking at the 20-gal tank, I think I may
> plants & fish there. It isn't overcrowded and plants & fish seem
> enough. I know that the water in my area is fairly hard, and rat
> play with it too much, I'd like to keep fussing to a minimum whi
> something creative with the bigger tank. FYI, water here is gen.
> dCH,
> pH 7.2, and while the tank was in operation, nitrates, phosphate
> not a problem. I don't have an UGF and use Aqua-clear back-of-ta
> plus interior corner filters. There is a good cover for the tank
> it isn't totally airtight! - and lighting consists of 2x34-watt 
> energy bulbs (abt 80 watts normal fluorescent bulbs). Have I for
> I'm looking for ideas on what to do next with the tank. While I'
> go for discus, I do not have the $$$, time or energy to properly
> the water they'd need. I'm wondering if anyone has experience wi
> types of tanks, and forgive me but I cannot remember the proper 
> describe partially-submerged tanks, floral gardens, etc. If you 
> me with experiences and/or suggestions, I would love to hear the

A Paludarium is definitely a different and beautiful way to set up 
a tank.  And Aquaclear filters work very well to power waterfalls 
in this type of set up.  Stick to shade tolerant hardy species 
like Java Ferns, Java Moss, Anubias nana and Soem of the hardier 
Crypts, and you can have the water section beautifully planted.  
For the land section, I use what ever is available at the grocery 
store, and always leave room for an African Violet or two because 
I love the blooms.

Remember that the amount of water in a paludarium is _much_ lower 
than the same size aquarium... My 55G paludarium holds 18 gallons 
of water.

Be creative and have fun! 

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA