Re: Algae Plague Questions - Algae Eaters

> From: williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil (Williams, Rochelle - DCSPIM)
> Subject: Algae Plague Questions
> 1.  Did I do a bad thing by removing the duckweed?  I thought it was 
> beginning to block the light.

Perhaps.  It is a fast growing plant, and it was probably using up the
nutrients that now make the algae bloom possible.

> 2.  Other than ottos, are any other algae eating fish compatible with 
> Discus?  I read somewhere that flying foxes are aggressive and my local fish 
> store said this LONG (4+") SLENDER fish with a funny head was a farlowella 
> (sp?) but I don't know if they are OK.  I hesitate to consider pl*cos 
> because I saw one 3 feet long in the Atlanta area.  3 feet - no kidding!

Most flying fox -type fishes (subfamily Garrinae) are rather aggressive,
but normally only towards their own kind and towards similar-looking
fish.  They should leave discus alone.  The SAE is of course best of all
the Garrinae, because it is not aggressive and eats red algae.

Farlowellas and other skinny suckermouth cats all eat algae, most don't
grow very big and I haven't heard that any of them would be aggressive.
There are few hundred pleco species and as some of them will grow 3' long,
some will only get 3-6" long like Peckoltias (clown plecos) and Ancistrus
(bristlenose plecos).  Bristlenoses are good algae eaters, and not

> 3.  Does anyone know where in the U.S. I can get the Japanese shrimp, 
> Caridina japonica?  Many European and Asian list subscribers have access to 
> these and find they are very good algae eaters.

Hey, you many subscribers from Asia and Europe!  Is that true?  Yes yes,
I know what Amano says about them, but I also know what Neil Frank says
about them and although Neil hasn't yet written such impressive picture
books, I think I'll believe him.  (Yo, Neil!  Any of them still alive?)

Well, if anybody knows where I could get those shrimps in Finland, Sweden
or Estonia, I would try them asap.

Liisa Sarakontu from cold Espoo, Finland with half meter of snow all
	around and probably more falling down soon