T-8 vs. T-12 (Here we go again!)


>                                CRI     Initial Lumens  Price
>  Phillips 5000K Ultralume T-12  85          2925       $10.96
>  Phillips 5000K TL850 T-8       84          2950       $ 4.64
>Gee, that was easy.  I *love* T-8s!  Ballasts are cheap, too!  
>Magnetek has a 4 T-8 ballast (B423I120RH) for $41.20.  Then I looked 
>back at the bulb section, and saw...
>  Phillips 5000K Advantage T-10  80          3700       $10.67
>Hmm.  CRI isn't quite as good, they're a little more expensive, but a 
>25% increase in lumens sure sounds good!
>Does anyone have experience with the Advantage bulbs?  Advice?

I don't have any personal experience with the Advantage bulbs, but they were
a favorite of Tom Giovanetti, author of _Discus Fish_ (Barron's).  Tom was
Director of Research for Oceanic Systems (the tank manufacturer) and did a lot
work trying to come up with improved lighting systems for their high end
tanks, including special parabolic reflectors, etc.  He is also a planted
tank aficianado, and recommended a 50-50 combination of Ultralumes and

The Advantages were originally designed for industrial and commercial
lamping.  They are supposed to have an excellent lifespan and relatively low
degradation of color and output over their useful life.  I have no specific
info, however.  

Tom can be reached at 71530.3677 at compuserve_com.  He is no longer with
Oceanic Systems.

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