Algae Plague Questions

After 2 years I have joined the ranks of the algae infested and prostrate 
myself in front of the SAE altar.  I knew the sin of 3.0+ phosphorus was 
dangerous but decided I could live with the existing algae since I coveted 
Discus.  Religiously, I ensured my nitrite was 0, nitrates were 0 to trace, 
temp 84F, pH between 6.6 and 6.8.  I decreased the amount of surface 
agitation to increase my CO2 retention to encourage plant growth, installed 
a bioweel on my Magnum 350 to reduce the agitation even further and better 
my water conditions.

Basically, last Sunday I removed duckweed from my 42g hex, did a 30% water 
change, siphoned the plain gravel substrate, added 6 SeaChem fertilizer 
tablets under the gravel near the plants, added Discus buffer and 1 capful 
Kent plant fertilizer.  There has been algae growing on the amazon sword 
stems (the kind that sticks out and looks like 1/4" dark greenish beard 
stubble.  You can see the individual hairs) and occasionally thick green 
hair algae on the large leaf surfaces (sorry, don't know the Latin plant 
names - it's the REALLY big ones with 20" stems and 4-5" leaves).  Then the 
onion plants developed beard stubble type algae along the edges of their 
leaves.  This I could live with - weekly algae maintenance was OK.  Last 
night I found an explosion of algae from hell.  I now have carpets of algae 
on all the large sword leaves, the stems are also covered.  There is the 
black spider web looking algae growing in the back and the onion plant 
leaves are also covered.  Arrrgghh!!!

I've talked to the SeaChem people (I use Discus Buffer and Neutral 
Regulator) about using a phosphorus remover, but they say the pH will creep 
up slightly.  Since I have a Discus community tank, 6.8 is about as high as 
I want to go.  Acid Buffer would lower the pH if I did not have remnants of 
the Tetra Helena D in the substrate.  The Helena D cause the pH to creep 
upward and only the Discus Buffer will temporarily reduce it.   As a last 
resort, the first weekend in March I will perform the ritual bleach 
purification absolution.  Here are my questions:

1.  Did I do a bad thing by removing the duckweed?  I thought it was 
beginning to block the light.
2.  Other than ottos, are any other algae eating fish compatible with 
Discus?  I read somewhere that flying foxes are aggressive and my local fish 
store said this LONG (4+") SLENDER fish with a funny head was a farlowella 
(sp?) but I don't know if they are OK.  I hesitate to consider pl*cos 
because I saw one 3 feet long in the Atlanta area.  3 feet - no kidding!
3.  Does anyone know where in the U.S. I can get the Japanese shrimp, 
Caridina japonica?  Many European and Asian list subscribers have access to 
these and find they are very good algae eaters.
4.  I'm hesitant about bleaching my aquarium and plants.  I understand 
sensitive plants may not survive the bleaching process.  I have various tall 
Amazon sword, Marble Queen Sword, several normal sized swords, onion plants, 
and Sunset hygrophelia.  Has anyone bleached these plants before?
5.  I have 2 15" florescent lights, I think they are 30W each.  The tank is 
a 42hex, about 24" tall.  Will raising or lowing the lights kill, and not 
encourage, the algae?

I'm sorry for the long post.  Many, many THANK YOU's for anyone who 
Rochelle "I wish my lawn was a lush as my algae!" Williams
williaro at ftmcphsn-emh1_army.mil