Dupla aquarium systems

I just had the opportunity to view the Dupla video the other day and was
intrigued by the remarkable aquarium featured in the setup portion of
the tape.
I believe they mentioned this was called the Complete Aquarium.  I've
already made inquiries about it to see if its available in the states
thru Burlesons but apparently it is not shipped.  The shipping costs are
too high to make it affordable I guess.
I'm curious how much Dupla asks for this thing?  Are there any
list-citizens from Germany that have seen this beast's price tag?
We've got a friend that lives in Switzerland.  She's moving back to the
states and her company is paying her moving costs (furniture, et al).
She suggested that she could pick it up and add it to her shipment.
She's only a short drive from Germany.
Does anyone have a phone number of a European retailer not too far from
the Swiss border that sells Dupla aquarium systems?