Re: Apogoneton Crispus

> From: "Jan Fidrmuc" <J.Fidrmuc at kub_nl>
> I have three Apogoneton Crispus in my one of my tanks. I am wondering 
> what are the requirements of this plant at to temp, pH, hardness and 
> light.

These are the most common Aponogetons available and are actually a
hybrid which has been considerably adapted to aquarium life. For
instance, they do not suffer a significant dormant period. They are
fairly undemanding as to temp, pH and light. They are not a cold water
plant so anything above 75F is probably just fine. They seem to do
ok upto 82F or so but I've not tried to push it to an extreme. They
don't seem affected much by pH but like most plants 6.4 - 7.2 is
probably optimal for growth. 6.8 is considered ideal for 
photosynthesis. When I say undemanding for lighting, I mean adequate
lighting MINIMALLY ~2 watts/gal. Higher lighting is almost always

> Also, these plants are said to propagate by seeds only - any 
> hints how to get them flower?

A change such as more fresh water, increased lighting or a slight
raise in temperature may help. Good health would help. I suspect
Giberillic acid might be very useful for this. There was an article
in TAG discussing an experiment with flowering Crypts. The results
were extremely successful. You can frequently get A. crispus bulbs
very cheaply if you can find a place that has 'em. Propagating
the seedlings could be very challenging (but rewarding!)

> Finally, they're supposed to be given a rest period in Winter

I wouldn't be concerned about it unless your plant goes dormant.
In that case Giberillic acid is probably useful. We talked about
doing it for A. madagascariensis but I haven't tried to find it
yet and no one else mentioned if they had tried it. Charlie gave us
a very interesting discussion on GA in issue 95 of the most recent
series of APDs (Nov 27-95). Alternatively, you can leave the tubor
for a few months and it may spontaneously recover. One of my A. mad
tubers has recently thrown up 5 new leaves after being virtualy
dormant for several months. This corresponded to running my diatom
filter for several days after a severe and long bout with green
water. The factors are: cleaner water, better light (clearer water)
and its about springtime. Lighting is 250 watts of MH in a 75gal. 
This is about 6 times your lighting level. 

Inadequate lighting is a common problem in learning to grow 
plants well. Many so called low-light plants can do well in 
strong light if adjusted and algae is controlled. I have crypts
growing very nicely in ~5 watts/gal.

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           but live in Coquitlam.

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