Re: [Q]How do I use laterite?

Can I use laterite as a supplement for example, on the surface of my gravel?
My tank is already established with simple aquarium gravel. I'm looking for a
way to feed my plants without having to tear down my already established
tank. Is there some other more efficacious way to feed my aquarium plants in
my tank? I've already started using a DIY CO2 injection system through my
AquaClear 300 and am seeing some improvement, although it's only been 5 days.

Tank specs:
30 gallon hex (24" deep)
Aquaclear 300
DIY CO2 injection
ammonia = 0
nitrite = 0
nitrate <30 ppm
PH = 6.8-7.2
temp 80F

1 mystery snail
1 2" dwarf Pl*co
14 1/2" neons
2 1" angels
1 2" rainbow shark
7 1/2" Pristella Tetras
8 1/2" Danio
1 1/2" Otto Cat
2 1/2" Spotted Cory Cats
1 2" Coolie(?) Loach
(Yes, I know it' over stocked. I do a lot of water changes, 1 to 10 gallons
RO water nearly every day.)

I have many plants including Amazon Swords, Micro-Swords, Valisneria, Java
Fern and others I can't identify properly. Sorry about not using Latin names,
but I haven't been able to find any good books for identifying aquatic
plants. I find common names poor for identification, (had similar problems
with terrestial plants) but have been unable to locate a good book locally.
Any suggestions especially books with color plates? Please be complete if
possible (ISBN #'s?), because I'll probably have to order.
How many watts, or preferably lumens of compact fluorescents should I have
for a 24" deep tank? I had to construct my own DIY lighting system because of
the size and shape of my tank. I'm currently using 2-PL13 and 1-PL-9 for a
total of 35W and about 1500 lumens and am debating adding either 4-PL13 or
4-PL26 tubes. What's troubling me, is that PL26 are larger in over all
diameter, making a tighter fit. Since they're not arranged in a single plane,
I'm not sure how much of the light would actually penetrate the water. My
reflector and mounting platform is a large flat cake pan (8-1/2" x 10"
approx.) and isn't a super efficient reflector. Although my DIY lighting
system is a vast improvement over the single 15W fluorescent hood I had, I
would like suggestions how to improve it.
I really have enjoyed reading this digest. I've learned a lot already and
look forward to your responses. I apologize for the length of this message.