T-8 vs. T-12 (Here we go again!)

For a while now, I've been thinking about designing a new hood.  I've 
currently got two twin-bulb strips, and it's a hassle.  So, I dug 
into the Grainger catalog to pick out bulbs and ballasts.  At first, 
everything seemed easy:

				CRI	Initial Lumens	Price
  Phillips 5000K Ultralume T-12	 85	     2925       $10.96
  Phillips 5000K TL850 T-8	 84	     2950       $ 4.64

Gee, that was easy.  I *love* T-8s!  Ballasts are cheap, too!  
Magnetek has a 4 T-8 ballast (B423I120RH) for $41.20.  Then I looked 
back at the bulb section, and saw...

  Phillips 5000K Advantage T-10	 80	     3700	$10.67

Hmm.  CRI isn't quite as good, they're a little more expensive, but a 
25% increase in lumens sure sounds good!

Does anyone have experience with the Advantage bulbs?  Advice?

Eric Neustadter                                      ean at primenet_com
LAN/WAN Design
First Interstate (soon-to-be Wells Fargo) Bank