[Q] Apogoneton Crispus

I have three Apogoneton Crispus in my one of my tanks. I am wondering 
what are the requirements of this plant at to temp, pH, hardness and 
light (I guess I don't have a good reference book handy at this 
moment). Also, these plants are said to propagate by seeds only - any 
hints how to get them flower? Finally, they're supposed to be given a 
rest period in Winter - how should I do that (well, I didn't do it 
this year, so perhaps next year). 

The tank: 170 L / 50 gal., pH 7.4, KH 7, 2*18W fluorescent cool white 
on 7.5 hrs per day (in the morning and evening to supplement the 
daylight), no CO2, plants are potted in soil+gravel substrate, the 
fish are 4 Cichlasoma Nigrofasciatum, 4 unidentified Cichlasoma sp., 
2 algae eaters (Ancitrus?) and 1 Macropodus Opercularis. 

BTW, the cichlids are not harming the plants (yet).

Also general comments on the setup will be appreciated. I am thinking 
about adding CO2 this weekend too. 



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