Re: SAEs and relatives (was Re: Warn Yeast...)

> From: Stu Elston <stube at utkux_utcc.utk.edu>
> store knows where to get more and will try to do so.  The questions
> (finally!): how many do I want in a 20H? 1? 2? Depends on whether
> juvenille or adult? 

A "20H" means a 20 gallon high tank?  Too small for adult SAEs - they
are big, active and fast swimmers and need a long tank.  They don't
grow too fast, and you should be able to sell too big SAEs to somebody
who has a bigger tank, so you could get a small school of them if you
can buy small ones.  One would be enough to clean the tank of red
algae, but they are schooling and a lone fish might harass others.
Three would be a good amount.
> I already have a flying fox (Epal. kalopteris), (s)he's about 3" long, an
> adult, I'd guess.  Will (s)he tolerate an SAE as a tank-mate?  The AGA

Probably not.  They are aggressive towards all fishes from Garrinae
subfamily (like SAE) and might be aggressive towards anything with a
black horizontal stripe.  You could try anyway, but be prepared to
move the fox to another tank if it prevents SAEs from eating and resting.
My fox has never tried to harass my SAEs, but then they are about three
times bigger than he is!

> tetras) from "his"  territory, _except_ for the cory cats and oto's.  He
> seems to recognize them as fellow bottom fish or fellow cat-type fish or
> fellow barbel-bearers or whatever. 

He probably recognizes them just as "mostly harmless".

Liisa Sarakontu