Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #263

} From: jet at abulafia_genmagic.com (J. Eric Townsend)
} Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 04:13:50 -0800
} Subject: hair algae from hell
} It appears I've got some hair algae started in my tank.  (40g octo,
} half-dozen small cats and otos, lots of plants.)
} It only got bad when I got the pH up to around 8.0 and the hardness up
} in the 2/3 range.
} I hate cleaning tanks (witness the oto's), so is there anything anyone
} can suggest to eat/destroy the hair algae?  will black mollies eat
} this sort of algae?

I have a dozen black mollies in a 30gal tank and although they will
tug on the hair algae they have to be hungry to do it. I have really
cut back on feeding them, but when they had a bunch of babies I felt
sorry for the little ones and started feeding them again. As long as
you only keep algae eaters (like otto's, mollies, SAE, ...) you can
get away with greately reducded feedings (like none), but as soon as
you add something that needs to be feed all most of the algae eaters
will eat the food also (like mollies and SAE's).


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