Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #262

} From: gtong at sirius_com (G.Tong)
} Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 20:35:42 -0800
} Subject: H. polysperma 'Tropical Sunset'
} Would this be the same as an "Empress hygro"? That's what my
} called the Hygro I recently bought. It resembles H. polysperma but has
} prominent white veins and the new leaves are pink, and turn green over
} time. The leaves on each stem go from green below to pink on top and
} overall makes the plant look like light is hitting it from above.
} Greg. Tong

	I have put some of what I am now calling H. Polysperma "Tropical
Sunset" in several of my tanks.  In my 180 gal tank all the leaves
have pink veins; in my 30gal tank they are white.  However, I recently
added a bunch of iron to that tank and the new leaves seem to be pink
again.  Based on this observation I would guess that you are simply low
on iron in your tank. My 180gal is running about 0.05pmm to 0.1ppm iron,
unfortunately I didn't measure the 30gal before I dump in more iron.


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