CO2 injection & Algae problem


I recently added a yeast CO2 system to my 20gallon tank. It seems to be
working fine, and the plants are doing well. I have a question, though.
Through the first bottle, I just had the airline tube dropped in the tank
(no reactor). It would produce one bubble every few seconds. When I changed
the bottole, I also put an airstone on the end of the line. Now, instead of
a bubble every few seconds, I get a continuous stream of tiny bubbles (no
Don Ho jokes, please!). Not a lot, I can barely see the stream. Is this OK?

On to the Algae: I think I've got 'blue-green' algae. It like a thin film
on the waters surface, over the leaves of the planes, and looks, well,
blue-green. Besides removing it, can I do anything to prevent it? I've got
an Oto, but he seems uninterested in that algae. I read a recent post from
Charlie Bay regarding algae and water disturbances. I've been thinking of
adding a powerhead just to circulate water, and the Giant Hygrophilia seems
to block much of the current coming off of my filter.


Larry West