Hi there y'all, eh. (Southern Canadian)
        Thanks for all the input on my recent postings. The quantity of
return mail to me has been astounding. Just how many of you guys (and
gals-got to be Politically Correct you know) are there out there. The
traffic on my e-mail has been enormous. I can't possibly answer all of you 1
by 1 so I'll do it here O.K? If this type of communication is not
acceptable, please let me know (gently) I'm a newbie on the net and am not
familiar with all of the niceties and rules for it.
        Greg.T.- I think you've got it dead on. Its what I've been thinking
for a while !
        Neil F. -Yup. The very same one. The Crazy Canuck.-and yes Neil, it
has been more than 20 years but who's counting. I may have the body of an
old man but the mind is still barely post-pubescent. If you need L. perugiae
I'll find a way to get them to you when there's enough. That goes for
everyone if you want some.
        Mike V. et al.- I use the cheapest cool white fluorescent lights
that I can buy. I've got 88 4-foot fixtures so I need to keep all my costs
down. At times I will also put an incandescent light over certain tanks to
get desired results. Despite all the traffic saying that incandescent is not
terribly useful and a terrible expense (that part is right, for sure) I have
had incredible results especially with all of the Echinodorus spp.
        Bye for now, eh.
        Jim (hoping I haven't done anything wrong) Robinson