Lights and Ballasts

Ive been looking at an electronic ballast and would like some peoples
opinions. Specs are as follows:
RMS: 120V
Output Frequency: 30KHZ
Input Frequency 50 HZ
Line current @ 240V: 310MA
Power Factor: 99%
Harmonic Distortion: < 10%
Output Wattage: 2 * 40W (36W)
Unit Wattage: 6 Watts
It features double tube operation, automatic shutdown of faulty lamps,
instant startup, no tube flickering, low heat generation, low watts loss,
low harmonics, constant lighting levels, low maintenance. I plan to run two
4ft tubes from this, and would probably vary between tritons, Coral lifes
and NEC HG's.

Can someone please tell me how The NEC HG compares to other available tubes
on the market, specs for a 4 Ft are:
Wattage: 37
Lumen output: 1920
Average life: 20000 hrs
Light peaks are around 95 NM in red, green and blue. Ive been using these
tubes for a number of years but havent used anything else to compare them
to. They appear to be OK. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other
tubes available in Australia.