re:pH probes /meters

A few sources for pH probes:

IOMEGA  (800) 826-6342
they have a great catalog explaining the many types of probes, selection, etc.
You can get a gel filled probe for about $ 49.  They quote life as 6months to 
1 year.  They also have some inexpensive meters, $ 49 for a PHH-78604 which 
has an LCD readout and accuracy of + or - .15 pH or a 'pocket type tester' for
$ 59.50 that hass accuracy of + or - .1 pH.....I haven't used either so can't 
vouch for accuracy.

I have also seen adds in mail order catalogs for pH electrodes...from the Mail
Order Pet Shop for replacement electrodes for PH Monitors and another catalog 
I have....email if you need the numbers....prices were generally more 
expensive than IOMEGA for probes.  

I have the Pinpoint pH meter I mail-ordered for $ 95 and it seems to work 

Jim Morehouse at Lucent Technologies
aljem3 at attme_att.com