Re: Too much CO2, please advise

> From: BreedOFish at aol_com
>      In my attempt to experiment with CO2 injections I have set-up a 10
> gallon to see the effects.  My tap water has a pH of 7.6 and a KH of 4.  I am
> using a AquaClear Mini for filtration and bubbling the CO2 into the intake
> tube.  In order to find the effects on the water I ran the CO2 (yeast method)
> for a day.  It dropped the pH to about 6.2,[snip] Oh, I am using 1 tsp of
> yeast to 1 cup of sugar.


Sounds like your yeast is coming on a bit too strong. Probably the room
temperature is rather high. After a day or so, the yeast will not be so
vigorous. Use less sugar for a 10 gal. tank and add a tsp of
baking soda to your yeast to slow it down and make it ferment longer.
KH of 4 is good but I'm surprised that you have that much pH change.
It could be that there is less carbonate than you think in your tap water.
To get a steadier supply of yeast CO2, use two bottles (alternating of
course). If the CO2 is too high, you can run an airstone to drive some 
off as a temporary measure. I wouldn't add fish yet until you get your 
final substrate in place. Why did you put plants and water in before 
you'd done that? The substrate is very important. I recommend soil in 
the bottom layer and a mix of well soaked, vermiculite and soil in the 
middle layer and cover it with a small layer of sand/gravel. Not much 
room in a 10g.  but you should be able to grow stuff no problem. 
Perhaps the 10 is only for an experiment and you intend to set up 
something larger later?

Steve  in cloudy old Vancouver, Canada!! (but y'all know where *I* live :-)