Echinodorus - what should I do?

I have an Echinodorus (perhaps a E. barthii or major) that has sent up a
flower stalk that is at least 3 feet long from the base. The first cluster
of three "bulbs" on this stalk is two feet from the base and there are now
six of these "triads". My question is: should I push this stalk horizontally
so that it is lying across the surface of the water or should I let it grow
up out of the water?

My understanding is that plantlets will develop from each of these bulbs so
I thought it might be good if they are submerged. However, the plant is
trying hard to grow this stalk vertically. I pushed it under the glass cover
once but it kept growing along the glass until it found a small opening in
the cover and resumed growing vertically. It gets up near the lights where
it's very warm.


Shiao Y. Wang
Univ. of Southern Mississippi
sywang at whale_st.usm.edu