another anubias question

Last wednesday I got a shipment of plants from Mike T. that included 2
potted anubias nana.  At the time they arrived I was installing a new
dishwasher so I just placed them in the tank and intended to "plant" them
later.  They looked fine on arrival but when I went to plant them 2 days
later the leaves were about 90% brown and most of the stems were mushy.

Could this be cold damage from shipment?  Do anubias sometimes meltdown
and come back like crypts?  The other plants (several crypts, red melon sword)
are fine so far.  The box had some of those heat packs but they were exhausted
by arrival.  I was home when they were delivered so they didn`t sit out in the

Tank parameters:
ph 7.0   
kH 5 deg.
55 gal. with 80w lighting
yeast CO2

dupla laterite & daily drops
UG heating cables (low wattage)

I got an anubias barteri from Gilbert`s about a month ago that`s doing well
so I don`t think it` s my water. 
Are they dead or should I wait  for then to grow back?

Stephen Morrison