actinic or 'day' vho?

a friend just ordered a 6' VHO flour. hood for his freshwater 125gal tank that
he wants to plant.  The vendor recommended a "50/50 Actinic White" bulb that 
they say is a combination of actinic and Ultralume phosphors with a 
temperature of 5600K.

I thought the actinic was primarily for corals/salt setups and that he should 
have ordered the "Aquasun" daylight tubes with a temp. of 5200K.  Can anyone
tell me if this will make a significant difference in his success with plants?
 He just got them and is still waiting for the ballast so he could probably 
return them if they will be significantly less use than the Aquasun.

Jim Morehouse at Lucent Technologies
aljem3 at attme_att.com