Re: Prefilter + baby fish = Prefilter!

>From: Eric Neustadter <ean at primenet_com>
>I've just recently added a DIY wet/dry to my tank, and when I 
>went to clean my prefilter yesterday, I discovered about a dozen 
>baby fish!  After removing them and cleaning the prefilter... 
>they're baaaaack!
>Does anyone have a good way to keep fish from being sucked in?

I have switched from using trickle filters to using settling tanks for debris
removal.  The advantage of a settling tank is that anything sucked down your
drain will just live in the settling tank until you catch it back out.  The
disadvantage of a settling tank is that really fine particulates may not settle
out, and may be re-cycled back into your tank.

David W. Webb in Sunny Dallas TX, where I switched on the A/C today and it's
expected to get up to 85F tomorrow.