Algie, Hydra, Planaria etc

Hi Folks;
        For those of you suffering from any of the above there is a
wonderful little livebearer called Limia perugia that eats anything. Even
when I fed them heavily to breed them they still ate all the algie. Any tank
into which these characters have been moved becomes spotless. In addition to
their incredible janitorial services (which may just be enough in and of
itself) they are very pretty little beasts with a rather large dorsal fin.
        These fish are not usually available from pet stores but there may
be a member of ALA (American Livebearers Association) in your area who may
know where to get some. Failing that it would be well worth your while to
simply join ALA to get their Trading Post. You can get membership info from
Tim Brady, 5 Zerbe St., Cressona,PA. 17929-1513. I think its only $16.00
        I have a limited colony right now but would be happy to share them
after the stock re-builds (Yes indeed, I gave away too many again and left
myself short)
        Bye for now. Keep smilin' eh.