Re: hair algae from hell

On Sat, 17 Feb 1996 jet at abulafia_genmagic.com (J. Eric Townsend) wrote:

<<It appears I've got some hair algae started in my tank.  (40g octo,
half-dozen small cats and otos, lots of plants.)
[...] I hate cleaning tanks (witness the oto's), so is there anything anyone
can suggest to eat/destroy the hair algae?  will black mollies eat
this sort of algae?>>

The one fish I have heard (both from a fish store & anecdotally from other
fishkeepers) will eat hair algae is Anostomus anostomus - common name striped
headstander.  They can be rather aggressive so *perhaps* should not be
acquired as a permanent denizen of your tank, but might help with the hair
algae.  You could also consider CO2 injection for mitigating the pH
conditions that appear to have given the hair algae a boost over the plants.

Anne, Santa Cruz CA 
"...and the world is puddle-wonderful"  ee cummings