Jumping in on the yeast thread.

I decided to de-lurk and add a contribution to the current yeast thread.  I
homebrew as well as keep aquariums.  From Papazian's _The Complete New Joy
of Homebrewing_(pp.110), yeast go through three stages:

1)Respiration:  the process through whicy yeasts gain and store energy for
future activities and reproduction.
2)Fermentation:  The process through which yeast expends energy, converting
sugars to alcohol, carbon dioxide and beer flavour.  During this period
oftime, yeast is mostly in suspension, allowing itself dispersal and maximum
contact with the liquid beer wort.
3)Sedimentation:  The process through which the yeast flocculates and drifts
to the bottom of the fermenter.  With fermentation almost completed, the
activity of the yeast is "shut down" for lack of food and energy.  The yeast
begins to undergo a process that will preserve its life as it readies itself
for dormancy.
[emphasis by me]

I thought that this might shed some more light on the debate.

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