Trapa natans and CO2 tanks

 Subject: Re: Trapa natans L.

<snip long interesting article on T. natans>

> Well, you asked Karen ...

Well, thanks, but what I really want to know, is have you (or 
anyone else) actually kept it in the aquarium?  If so, what were 
your experiences.<g>


Subject: CO2 tanks and fire extinguishers
> ok, I'm going to jump into this one.
> I've tried it. My fish paid the consequence.
> My initial problem was how to regulate the flow. I decided
> to drill a screw hole throught the upper and lower handle and
> use a screw to slowly tighten them together.
> It worked at first but it was not consistant. I'd get my one
> bubble per second but it would stop after a period of time. No
> matter how I'd compensate it would eventually stop. This time,
> I decided to give it more gas in the hopes it would decrease
> to the proper lever. So I turned it on and went to bed. Next mor
> instead of decreased flow, it went the opposite direction. The h
> shooting out massive amounts of CO2 and all my fish were floatin

This sounds like a faulty regulator and/or needle valve rather 
than an inherent failing of the tank itself.  Just because you use 
a fire extinguisher CO2 tank, you _still_ need a regulator and 
needle valve. 


Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA